Energy generating active glass solutions

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), the perfect balance between efficiency and aesthetic looks

SunEwat Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is AGC’s smart glass solution shaping the future of façades. The range focuses on efficiency and delivering solutions that are aesthetically pleasing for not only on façade, roof, skylight, spandrels, and cladding components, but also cladding, louvres, spandrels and many more. 

SunEwat transparent range such as Vision Square and Vision Stripe, allows light to penetrate in and at the same time also harvest solar energy. The opaque range such as Stopray Active, Artlite Active and Lacobel Active allows you to have a seamless range of glass composition, colours and patterns, without compromise on the aesthetic overall view of the façade while generating clean renewable energy for the building. 

We provide total service from design, energy study to comprehensive technical services to contribute to more energy-efficient buildings and a more sustainable environment. 

BIPV & BAPV Solutions for Net Zero Energy Building SunEwat Vision Square


Neutral Aesthetics
Delivers high transparency and clarity.

Solar Protection
Protection from the sun.

Safe solution eg. Thermally toughened safety glass.

Excellent High Light Transmission
Maximum natural light entering the building.

Long lasting resistance to corrosion.

High resistance
Scratch-resistant and durable glass.

Glass texture, etching or special surface finishing making it possible to achieve the appropriate level of privacy.

Glass product is offered with warranty.

Product Range

Vision Square

Vision Square is a natural choice for architects looking for new ways to use photovoltaics-embedded glass in their architectural designs.

Vision Stripe

Vision Stripe is four times more efficient than thin film for the same level of transparency and creatively delivers visual performance.

Stopray Active

Stopray Active is an opaque spandrel and cladding glass solution that embeds photovoltaic cells concealed behind a Stopray Vision coating.

Artlite Active

Artlite Active is an opaque energy-generating glass solution that uses areas covered by spandrels and cladding to generate energy.

Lacobel T Active

Lacobel T Active is photovoltaics-embedded float glass covering one side of the panel with high-quality glossy paint.


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