Sustainable Buildings

Glass as a Sustainable Material

Glass as a Sustainable Material

Sustainable Construction Materials and Green Product Certification

Sustainable materials have become preferred in construction. These materials are based on sound management of resources throughout the supply chain, including natural materials or materials with a longer lifetime and lower degree of processing. Green product certification gives stakeholders confidence that a material’s green marketing claims are credible and verified by a third party. In the region, most countries have their own domestic Green product certification or labelling system. Many domestic green building rating systems and international green building rating systems also require materials that have attained green product certification. As a result, green product certifications are on the rise and the demand for greener products continues to increase.

How AGC can help in your green journey

When it comes to green buildings, glass is often an important component as it is often used extensively on exterior fa├žade and in the interior space. AGC Glass Asia Pacific has a selection of certified sustainable glass products which adhere to different categories of the various building ratings schemes and can help you achieve higher levels of certification for your sustainable buildings.

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