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The Asia Pacific hub in providing Architectural and Smart glass solutions
AGC Glass Asia Pacific

AGC is constantly evolving and realising dreams to deliver sustainable and smart glass solutions for cities of tomorrow

AGC Glass Asia Pacific is part of the Architectural Glass Asia Pacific Company headquartered in Japan. The regional headquarters in Singapore was established in 2013 and leads the sales & marketing activities of architectural, interior, automotive, industrial and smart glass products for Asia Pacific region. We cater our expertise to developers, architects, consultants, processors and end-users of our products and provide timely support to the region. Our mission is to deliver value-added products and services, including smart glass solutions and technical specifications through global variety with local accessibility.

Our Product Brands

The gateway to the widest range of architectural glass solutions to serve the needs of tomorrow

The aesthetic, technical and energy properties of AGC glass make its scope of applications practically unlimited: from external glazing to interior decoration, industrial uses. With the richness of the ranges, architects and interior designers alike will find a material that gives shape to their creative inspiration and tames light, while assuring comfort for the building occupants and actively protecting the environment.

Our Services

Leading technologically complex projects to success through our network and services

With the growing challenges faced in the world of architecture, AGC Glass Asia Pacific is at your side, every step of the way. As the Asia hub, we are your one-stop service to create aesthetically and technically perfect solution: research, technical advice, production and logistics. We provide support via our dedicated teams and expert services throughout every stage of your project, from initial planning to completed construction.

AGC Glass Asia

Bringing global variety with local accessibility to markets and segments in Asia Pacific

Since AGC flat glass operations debut in Asia, our operations have expanded across borders. With the establishment of our float manufacturing plants in Thailand since 1964 and in Indonesia from 1972, we continue to provide consistent and high-quality glass for constructions in the region and beyond. We engage and enable our partners through state-of-the-art facilities in ASEAN, global network, collaborative partnerships, networking with local authorities, and R&D and Technical Advisory Services. Our glass production processes and technologies support our representative offices and dedicated teams of experts to bring global solutions and services closer to home.

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AGC Sustainability

Contributing to sustainable development to help ensure a bright future for the planet

AGC is committed to the continual development of new products with better environmental performance during their lifetime, to help pave the way for sustainable construction. Through our investments in cutting-edge production facilities in Southeast Asia, AGC is responding to the growing demand for high-performance architectural glass products.  

AGC Group

AGC solves everyday challenges with its world-leading, cutting-edge technologies

The AGC Group's history began more than a century ago, when Asahi Glass Company took on the challenge of manufacturing the first flat glass in Japan, with a view to contribute to people's lives and the country's industrial development. Since that time, the Group has built up expertise and technologies in the fields of glass, electronics, chemicals and ceramics, while providing solutions to a wide range of industries including the building materials, automotive and electronics industries. Using the world’s top-class technologies cultivated through a history of technological innovation extending over 100 years, AGC has continued to achieve the creation of new values in the business areas of Glass, Electronics, Chemicals, and Ceramics.

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