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Environmentally Friendly Materials

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Reducing Pollutants and Improving Health

Enhancing indoor air quality

In these post Covid-19 pandemic times, many companies have adopted a hybrid working model including remote working. It is estimated that we continue to spend on average 90% of our time indoors. Indoor air quality has become increasingly important in both living and workspaces as exposure to poor indoor air quality may result in adverse health problems like irritations, headaches and respiratory diseases.

Volatile organic compounds (or ‘VOCs’) are carbon-based chemicals which can easily be vaporised into gases and released into the atmosphere. They can be emitted by various sources such as carpets, wallpaper, paints, furniture and cleaning products. When VOCs are released into the air, they react with nitrogen oxides and form ozone that can result in poor indoor air quality especially in high concentrations.

As glass manufacturers, we are committed to producing sustainable glass materials that emit safe levels of VOCs. We offer Mirox MNGE (Mirox New Generation Ecological) which not only emits low levels of VOCs, it also features a copper-free metal coating, very low-level lead paints, and a high resistance to corrosion. Whether you are a consumer or a designer working on an interior space project with sustainability targets, Mirox MNGE is definitely the safe and sustainable material of choice.

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