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Energy Saving Glass

Energy Saving Glass

Improving Energy Efficiency with Energy Saving Glass

Solar control and low-e coatings

Energy consumption is fast becoming one of the key concerns of our generation. Governments globally are refocusing their energy policies to increase efficiency by implementing and enforcing new efficiency standards to reach their net-zero energy target by 2050. As such, creating higher performance glass that will increase energy efficiency is a priority for glassmakers. AGC Glass Asia Pacific and its R&D centres have been working relentlessly to improve the properties of the glass by developing coatings that when applied will help increase the building’s overall energy efficiency.

AGC Glass Asia Pacific offers a wide range of solar control and low-emissivity (low-e) coated products, energy-saving glass for windows and façade applications in both residential and commercial buildings.

Energy Saving Glass Residential
Ara Greens Residence, Malaysia, Sunergy Clear

For the residential segment:

Solar control and low-e coatings are often used in homes to meet energy-saving needs. AGC’s solar control and low-e coated products, energy-saving glass, are unified under the Sunergy, Stopsol, T-Sunlux, iplus, Planibel, and Stopray brand names. The coatings are designed and developed to minimise temperature fluctuations in the living space, commonly caused by heat transfer through the normal clear glass windows. The glass product used differs depending on the climate as different properties are required to manage the temperature changes. Typically in tropical climates, both good shading efficiency and low-e coatings are required to reduce the heat penetration from the outside into homes, whereas for the colder climates, low-e coatings coupled with double glazing are required to prevent cold air from entering the living space. With the appropriate solution applied, less energy is consumed by the air-conditioning or heating systems to maintain the ideal internal temperatures of the households, increasing energy efficiency and thus reducing CO2 emissions.

For the commercial segment:

The usage of solar control and low-e coatings in commercial building facades has become more prevalent with adoption picking up globally. Commercial buildings being a hub of activity usually consume more energy regulating the internal temperatures to create a comfortable working environment. The coated products, energy saving glass, installed on building facades help reduce energy consumption by increasing the envelope’s thermal efficiency. AGC’s line-up of Stopray high-performance solar control low-e coatings are specially designed and developed to provide maximum energy savings and respond to the ever-changing stringent energy requirements.

Energy Saving Glass Commercial
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Thailand, Stopray Smart 51
Energy Saving Glass Industrial

For the industrial segment:

Besides architectural glazing, low-e glass can also be applied to many other solutions such as common appliances found in our daily lifestyle.  For example, the refrigeration appliances in grocery stores and supermarkets usually require optimal thermal regulation performance to preserve the freshness of perishable goods. These appliances operate round-the-clock and consume substantial amounts of electricity which can amount to 40% of the energy used. By using low-e glass, businesses can enjoy significant energy savings which will in turn lead to lower operating cost. AGC’s low-e coated products, energy-saving glass, offer both aesthetic and energy-efficient performance that is ideal for energy-efficient appliance design.

With AGC’s solar control and low-e coated glass, our comprehensive range of energy saving glass solutions will support your energy reduction needs, making sustainable living an achievable reality at all levels.