Environmental Management System

AGC Glass Asia Pacifc Environment Policy

AGC Glass Asia Pacific Environment Policy

Our Commitment to Change


At AGC Group we recognize that our businesses activities, by using a large amount of resources and energy, have an impact on the environment. In line with AGC Group vision “Look Beyond”, we have set the “environment” as one of our company shared values and we are committed to take actions accordingly.

We are also committed to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society as an outstanding player in the global Materials Industry by efficiently utilizing limited resources and energy and by taking account into due consideration our impact on the natural environment, including climate change and biodiversity.


Let’s all contribute to environmental activities, as good global citizens.

Environmental Codes of Conduct

We commit to adhere to the following key principles:

  • Improve the environmental performance continuously, in accordance with environmental management system.
  • Comply with internal and external relevant environmental rules worldwide.
  • Strive to offer to society our products, service and technologies taking into due consideration their environmental impacts.
  • Set goals and do our utmost towards improving environmental impact of our 4 business by addressing responsible use of resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste avoidance and recycling, as well as appropriate management of chemicals substances.
  • Communicate about our progress to our internal and external stakeholders.