Tinted Float

The best of tinted float glass
Tinted Float

High quality tinted glass for diverse needs

Tinted Float Glass is a heat-absorbing transparent glass coloured by adding traces of metals such as cobalt, iron and selenium to the raw materials of ordinary glass.

The range offers a high degree of energy absorption, thereby minimising the heat passing through the glass. It reduces the quantity of heat flowing into the building, and lessens the cooling load, thereby maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors.

Combining functionality and aesthetics, this tinted glass solution offers unlimited design possibilities in both exterior facades and interior applications.

Tinted float is available in an array of beautiful colours:

  • Euro Bronze
  • Light Green, Green, Blue Green, Energy Green
  • Ash, Euro Grey, Dark Grey
  • Dark Blue



AGC’s tinted float glass is an environmentally friendly product that can be fully recycled.
AGC is committed to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

We have attained Environment Product Declaration (EPD) for tinted float glass* to help you understand our products’ impact on the environment. We are in the process of Cradle to Cradle certification application for tinted float glass.

*EPD does not apply to Ash

AGC Asia Tinted Glass Range


Solar Protection
Protection from the sun.

Easy processing
Can be processed easily by processors in multiple ways.

Multiple Applications
Ideal for facades and windows in commercial and residential buildings.

Sustainable Product
Glass has obtained Green Certification.


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