Experience the stunning impact of anti-reflective glass

Impressive aesthetics, superb transparency and minimal reflection

Clearsight is AGC’s exclusive anti-reflective glass. The special anti-reflective coating minimises glare and significantly reduces light reflection to less than 1%, far lower than the typical 8% of conventional float glass. When viewed from the outside, Clearsight enhances visibility of objects displayed behind it. Moreover, applying Clearsight to the inner pane of windows drastically reduces reflections so that anyone inside looking out enjoys a clear and unobstructed view.

Clearsight is well known for display showcases in museums. It is becoming increasingly popular in other segments, such as retail, showrooms, sports facilities, observation decks, control towers, high-end homes, outdoor advertising and zoos.


Low Reflection
High transparency thanks to very low light reflection in line with modern design trends.

Multiple Applications
Ideal for facades and windows in commercial and residential buildings.


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