Matelac T

Temperable back-painted glass with a satin-finish
Matelac T

High quality temperable painted glass, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Matelac T is a painted glass with a matte finish which, just like its glossy counterpart Lacobel T, offers the unique benefit that it can be cut and heat-treated directly by the processor, streamlining the production process and shortening delivery times. Highly resistant to scratches and thermal shocks, Matelac T is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

AGC recommends that Matelac T products be processed by an AGC Certified Processor. This will ensure the processed glass is of superior quality and eliminate any risks for the end customer.

The complete list of Certified Processors with their contact details is available on TAS service.

Sustainable Glass Products for Interior


High Quality Paint
Uniform and durable paint applied by industrial manufacturing process.

Safe solution eg. Thermally toughened safety glass.

Easy processing
Can be processed easily by processors in multiple ways.

Product Range

Crisp White

Cool White

Misty White

Oyster White

Zen Grey

Anthracite Grey

Deep Black


Light Blue

Petrol Green


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