Spandrel Glass

AGC's Spandrel Glass Solutions

Spandrel Glass: The Perfect Match for your Façade

Spandrel glass is primarily opaque to conceal elements such as areas between floors, structural components, and mechanical equipment. Spandrel glass is also usually combined with vision glass to create an all-glass façade. With today’s technological developments, it allows for additional features to be incorporated in spandrels, like thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection, and the ability to generate electricity through BIPV cells. Spandrel glass is available in a wide range of colour and coating options to ensure that the desired appearance is achieved.


Why choose AGC’s Spandrel Glass?

AGC’s extensive product portfolio of coated and opaque coloured glass offers many solutions for creating the perfect match between vision and spandrel glass. Selecting the right spandrel glass option to complement the vision glass can be a challenge, but AGC is able to offer recommendations for your building spandrel glass that will aesthetically harmonise with your vision glass even before creating prototypes for your viewing. Contact our dedicated team of glass experts to find the best solution for your façades.