Anti-corrosion glass

Permanent anti-corrosion coating that maintains shower glass like new glass

Luxclear is a clear glass with an invisible magnetron coating (on one side), specially designed for shower applications. Its coating has been specially developed to protect the glass surface and drastically slow the ageing process when in contact with water by preventing the development of the whitish deposit on the glass. Unlike aftermarket products, the Luxclear’s coating fuses with the glass, permanently sealing the surface to prevent the glass from appearing hazy and dull.

As a benefit for the end user, Luxclear requires no special cleaning solutions or processes compared to standard float glass. With Luxclear, showers will keep their bright appearance for a long time.


Safe solution eg. Thermally toughened safety glass.

Easy processing
Can be processed easily by processors in multiple ways.

Long lasting resistance to corrosion.

Glass product is offered with warranty.


Brochures and Technical Documents

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