Anti-Reflective Glass

AGC's Anti-Reflective Glass Solutions

The Secret Behind Invisible Anti-Reflective Glass

We have all seen anti-reflective glass in a museum, probably without even noticing it… That is the beauty of Clearsight anti-reflective glass. Its special coating significantly reduces light reflection as compared to conventional glass, making the anti-reflective glass almost invisible. Clearsight faithfully reveals the colour and appearance of items on display or enhances the view of the outside world by drastically reducing internal reflection.

Why choose AGC’s Anti-Reflective Glass?

Wide range of innovative applications are made possible.

Works of art are not the only items that demand invisible glass. A growing number of sectors are demonstrating a need for anti-reflective glass. Shop windows, high-end homes, digital panels, sports venues and even the transportation sector all demand the best reflection-free vision possible. Contact our dedicated team of glass experts to discover the best solution for your needs.