Fire-Resistant Glass

AGC's Fire-Resistant Glass Solutions

Fire Resistance: Fire-resistant glass focusing on your safety

It is simply impossible to imagine multiple occupancy buildings that do not use fire-resistant glass. Increasingly stringent building regulations and fire safety standards demand ever higher performance from the fire-resistant safety glass used in buildings. AGC makes living and working environments safer with Pyrobel, the widest range of fire-resistant glass on the market.

Fire-resistant glass can deliver up to 180 minutes of fire resistance. The glass is tested and approved in accordance with European and international standards.

Why choose AGC’s Fire-resistant Glass?

Outstanding quality.

For more than 40 years, AGC has been supplying sustainable fire-resistant glazing solutions renowned for their outstanding quality. AGC has confirmed its position as the safe and 100% reliable choice for fire-resistant glass by extending its worldwide warranty for Pyrobel / Pyrobelite from five to ten years. Our qualified experts provide specialist technical support, delivering customised fire-resistant solutions and advice tailored to the specific regulations in force.