T-Sunlux on Tinted

T-Sunlux on Tinted

A range of tinted magnetron reflective glass that provides excellent solar control performance suitable for tropical climate.

T-Sunlux on tinted offers an array of vivid colours for architects to choose from. The combination of superior aesthetics and high solar control makes these products a perfect solution for tropical climate while maintaining a neutral and pleasant view when seen from the inside. 

This range includes:
T-Sunlux CS214
T-Sunlux CS220
T-Sunlux CS230
T-Sunlux CS408
T-Sunlux CS420
T-Sunlux CS430
T-Sunlux CS450
T-Sunlux CS508
T-Sunlux CS514
T-Sunlux CS520
T-Sunlux CS530
T-Sunlux CS550 

T-sunlux CS230
T-sunlux CS530

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