T-Sunlux on Clear

T-Sunlux on Clear

Elegant neutral range of magnetron reflective glass that provides design freedom

T-Sunlux on clear provides an elegant range of neutral aesthetics that are not only ideal to be used for building facades and spandrel areas, but also interior usages such as kitchen backsplash, vanity area, lift and escalator wall cladding.  

This range includes:
T-Sunlux CS108
T-Sunlux CS114
T-Sunlux CS119
T-Sunlux CS120
T-Sunlux CS130
T-Sunlux CS140
T-Sunlux CS148
T-Sunlux CS150
T-Sunlux PS135
T-Sunlux PS155 

T-sunlux CS108
T-sunlux CS130
T-sunlux CS150
T-sunlux PS135
T-sunlux PS155

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