Stopsol Supersilver

Stopsol Supersilver

Stopsol Supersilver range embodies a cool and neutral reflective.

Stopsol Supersilver range embodies a cool and neutral reflective colour to bring out the best aesthetic in any architectural design. Available on various tints, architects are given the flexibility to design the best combination for their desired look. Stopsol Supersilver also continues to bring in the solar protection properties, ensuring privacy and comfort to the people inside the building while reducing air-conditioning costs due to its low solar factor. 

This range includes:
Stopsol Supersilver Euro Grey (Gen 2)
Stopsol Supersilver Green (Gen 2)
Stopsol Supersilver Blue Green (Gen 2)
Stopsol Supersilver Dark Blue (Gen 2) 

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