Stopray Vision

Stopray Vision

A solar control low-missivity magnetron coating that offers a wide range of light transmissions with excellent thermal comfort when combined in an insulated glass unit.

Stopray Vision provides an excellent range of visible light transmittance, excellent solar control, low reflection and enhanced U-values while retaining a neutral appearance.

It is always used as double or triple glazing to achieve its optimal performance which contributes to an energy-efficient façade. Stopray Vision is suitable for all climates in both commercial and residential projects and is also available in heat-treatable versions.

This range includes: 

Stopray Vision 31T
Stopray Vision 50
Stopray Vision 50T
Stopray Vision 60
Stopray Vision 60T
Stopray Vision 38T*
Stopray Vision 40/40T 
Stopray Vision 52/52T 
Stopray Vision 61/61T 
Stopray Vision 72T

*SGBP certified

Stopray Vision 31T
Stopray Vision 38T
Stopray Vision 40T
Stopray Vision 52T
Stopray Vision 61T
Stopray Vision 72T

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