Stopray Smart

Stopray Smart

A high-performance magnetron glass that provides ease in processing.

Stopray Smart can be used in both toughened or non-toughened versions, except for Smart 32T. It does not require edge-deletion and has a long shelf-life. With its range of aesthetics, each provides its unique elegant appearance with a good level of visible light transmission and excellent solar control. 

  • Smart 30/20 features an attractive neutral bluish appearance
  • Smart 51/33 features an attractive and brilliant appearance. This coated glass coating can be used in laminated glass with its coating facing against PVB. 
  • Smart 32T features an attractive neutral appearance 


This range includes:

Stopray Smart 30/20
Stopray Smart 32T
Stopray Smart 51/33 


Stopray Smart 30/20
Stopray Smart 32T
Stopray Smart 51/33

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