Planibel Easy: Easy-clean glass and so much more

The latest glass technologies are making buildings, spaces and objects stronger, safer and healthier. Glass is a versatile material, ideal for maintaining a sanitised living environment. AGC Glass Europe continues its pursuit of solutions to protect our health and preserve our society. Faced with the worldwide Covid-19 crisis, AGC Glass Europe now has good news to share about coated glass that helps to protect against Covid-19 contamination. 

Independently tested and certified, Planibel Easy was already known for the self-cleaning properties of its coating. It has now been shown that when daylight activates the coating this accelerates the destruction of SARS-CoV-2 particles (the virus responsible for Covid-19) on its surface. 

AGC and the university research teams wanted to find a quick and effective solution against the spread of the coronavirus. By disclosing the first results of this research on an existing product, AGC allows innovative glass processors to offer solutions at a reasonable cost, to move forward together towards a better and safer future.

Planibel Easy can be combined in double glazing with other AGC products such as low-E glass. Resistant to corrosion and chemical damage, Planibel Easy can be delivered in toughened, laminated, bent and processed forms, and even in insulating double or triple glazing. As long as the glass is exposed to daylight and/or UV(A) light there are plenty of possibilities to make your space a safer place. 

With this new benefit Planibel Easy confirms AGC Glass Europe’s commitment to Health & Safety and is a socially responsible contribution to our society, making people’s life better around the world every day. 

For more information on the new properties of Planibel Easy, visit our website.