The Perfect Balance between Efficiency and Aesthetics

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), the Energy Generating Active Glass Solution

SunEwat is AGC’s energy generating glass solution, contributing to net zero carbon building while providing seamless integrated designs into façades. This Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) embedded smart glass boasts environmental performance and efficiency ratings consistent with nearly zero-energy building (NZEB) standards – all while delivering optimal thermal and acoustic comfort for occupants. SunEwat allows for architectural creativity and customisation to be applied on various types and areas of façades with its full range of transparent and opaque glass options.

We provide total service from design, energy study to comprehensive technical services in order to contribute for a more sustainable environment and create an energy efficient building for your project. 

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Neutral Aesthetics
Delivers high transparency and clarity.

Solar Protection
Protection from the sun.

Safe solution eg. Thermally toughened safety glass.

Excellent High Light Transmission
Maximum natural light entering the building.

Long lasting resistance to corrosion.

High resistance
Scratch-resistant and durable glass.

Glass texture, etching or special surface finishing making it possible to achieve the appropriate level of privacy.

Glass product is offered with warranty.

Product Range

SunEwat Vision

The semi-transparent glass solution, allowing for sufficient light penetration while still harvesting energy.

SunEwat Origin

Photovoltaic cells are concealed by a black coated backing, integrating the glass fully with the façade.

SunEwat Colour

Coated on one side with Colouring Technology to customise any façade – colour on demand available.

SunEwat Design

Photovoltaic material covered with a rasterised full-coloured visual, offering fully customisable design options for your façades.


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