Glass for thermal insulation

Low-emissivity glass dedicated for thermal insulation providing a more comfortable living space.

This Low-E magnetron coating range comprises two products: iplus Top 1.1T and iplus Advanced-A 1.0T. They deliver high light transmission, enhanced transparency and a neutral colour allowing customers to see products on display without any alteration in colour. In addition to this, iplus Advanced-A 1.0T also provides superior thermal insulation, keeping goods cool and protecting shoppers in the aisle from the cold. 

iplus Advanced-A 1.0T


Neutral Aesthetics
Delivers high transparency and clarity.

Low Reflection
High transparency thanks to very low light reflection in line with modern design trends.

Thermal Insulation
Excellent thermal insulation that keeps heat in (oven doors and residential applications)

Thermal Comfort
By regulating heat and cold, this glass provides optimal indoor comfort.

Maximum Energy Efficiency
Lower air conditioning and heating costs.

Excellent High Light Transmission
Maximum natural light entering the building.

Easy processing
Can be processed easily by processors in multiple ways.

Multiple Applications
Ideal for facades and windows in commercial and residential buildings.

Glass product is offered with warranty.


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